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Thomas Boston Terriers , 
 Judy Thomas Owner/Breeder 
Phone # (601)783-2282 or 601-810-8371 Off I-55 in Magnolia 
Mississippi .


Quotes If you have adopted one of my Boston Babies from me please feel free to leave me a Testimonial about your Experence of Adopting and owning one of my Boston Babies. Thank you for any Testimonial that you can leave me on here, Quotes
Judy Thomas
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Quotes Just purchased a puppy (Chaska) from Judy yest. 01/19/2014. Judy was the sweetest ever and seemed to really care for each and every puppy/dog. If you are looking for a great Boston puppy I would strongly recommend Judy. Thanks you so much for everything Judy. The Honey Family and Chaska Quotes
Very happy new Boston pup owner

Quotes In researching the Boston breed and talking with several breeders over the phone, I quickly learned who cared about their dogs. When I called it was just minutes until she returned my call. When we picked up Gracie she was socialized and loving. That is so important when bringing a new puppy home, especially when there are other dogs at the home. I would definitely recommend Judy to anyone looking for a Boston. Judy is caring and loving of all her babies. We were blessed to have found her. Quotes
Gracie's mom

Quotes After what seemed like an infinite wait, on Wednesday I finally met my baby (Dexter) face to face! It was an absolute pleasure! I have never met such a sweet, cuddly, and loving baby boy in my life! I am so pleased with him, he is the most adorable little boy, and he?s more than I could have ever asked for!!!! Thank you Judy for being the BEST breeder ever! Judy answered all my (incessant) ;) questions and was always friendly and knowledgeable. I am very happy I found her I wouldn?t do it differently if I had the choice. Judy made me feel like a part of the ?Thomas Boston? family, I didn?t have to worry that she wasn?t going to deliver on her promises; she was up front and honest with everything! What more can you ask for in a breeder?? I?ve been blessed with the best Boston baby ever and it is all thanks to her skills and abilities as a breeder. You cannot go wrong working with Judy Thomas. THANK YOU SO MUCH JUDY!! =) Quotes
Dexter's Happy Mommy

Quotes When i got in touch with Mrs Judy about her Boston Babies it wasn't long that I had lost my black and white Boston Cosmo of eight years after 2 dogs attacked and killed him. Then a month and half latter we lost our 3 year old lab Jake to illness. When I talked to Mrs Judy about getting a dog from her she was so sweet and so very kind to me. She told me that she a litter due at the first part of May and I was out for my birthday and she called to tell me that she sent me emails with pictures of the puppies and that was the most special birthday that I could had. That day is when I got to pick the joy of my life and we called him Harley and when he came home I had so much joy in my heart and couldn't wait to show my little boy to everyone. He is one year old now and he is still the joy of my life and will be for a long time. Everyone that meets my boy Harley falls in love with him because he is such a joy and friendly boy but no one can love more than my husband and I. Quotes
Harley Our Bundle of Joy

Quotes I recently purchased a Boston Baby from Mrs Judy and I can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure! I not only recieved a happy, healthy, well socialized, gorgeous puppy but also a great friend! Judy is a total sweetheart and also the most honest person I've ever met! She doesn't hound you for money, she is always on time with updated pictures, she will always answer the phone or write you back so you never worry whether shes just another scam. My puppy came to me smelling amazing, nice short nails, and prespoiled! Being a person that is a breeder and has done rescue work my entire life you pick up on dogs/puppies that are not well socialized and I could tell immediately how much time Judy spends with these puppies! I am forever grateful to have met such an awesome lady and had the honor of buying one of her beautiful puppies! Sharayah Quotes
Hubbles aka Mayhem's New Mommy

Quotes I just recently purchased two babies (Tundra and Penny) from Judy. I am also a Boston Terrier breeder, and can first hand say that Judy does an excellent job with her babies. I have been to her location in Mississippi and found that her nursery is extremely clean and well maintained. Tundra and Penny came to us in Oklahoma, by plane, and arrived in excellent condition. All of my babies from Judy are healthy and happy little babies, and I feel like this is because of Judy's attention to her puppies before and after their birth. I can highly recommend Judy's puppies and her as a breeder. Thank you so much Judy for allowing me the opportunity to adopt some of your babies. Quotes
Excellent Breeder

Quotes So it's been a couple weeks since my family and I purchased a puppy from Judy and he is the best thing ever. He's so energetic, loveable and deffinately a cuddler :) Thank you so much Judy for blessing us with little Tabasco. If I think about purchasing another puppy in a few months you will be hearing from me soon. Quotes
Happy Family

Quotes We have had our new babies for 3 wks and i couldnt imagine our home without them, we met mrs judy with the intentions of getting our baby breezer, after meeting mrs judy and watching her videos and seeing how great a breeder she is and how much she loves her babies (puppies ) we decided to buy 2, we are now the proud parents of Breezer and Skittle. we would highly recommend mrs judy for anyone looking to adopt a Boston Terrier. We love our boys !! Quotes
Breezer and Skittles mommy and daddy

Quotes I have had my boston Joey for a year now. I couldn't recommend a better breeder for someone to buy from. They are so well taken care of and you can tell they are more like their children not just a business. I still feel the need after a year to still show them what their baby joey looks like. I know they care and would want to see that baby joey is loved. I also wanted to let everyone know that you can tell the love they give their boston terriers because of the wonderful personality of the dog. I can't thank them enough for the great loving Joey who has stole our heart and replaced a whole in heart from our missing boston Quotes
Michelle Stewart
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