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Quotes Finding Judy was a BLESSING! She has been SO nice and SO helpful! I couldnt have had a better experience with a breeder. We picked up our Molly from the airport last night - she is PERFECT! Such a beautiful little girl. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her. I am so thankful to have found Judy and look forward to a long friendship with another wonderful Boston-Mommy! Thank you for everything Judy and especially thank you for sending us this gorgeous little girl, Molly!!! =) Quotes
Mommy to Molly

Quotes I'm and very pleased and proud with the two little Bostons we got from Judy. I knew from the first few times in the beginning by speaking with Judy and the compassion along with detail she puts into her work that she really cares and loves all of her Bostons. I knew that after we met her to pick our two little ones, that we bought ours from the right person. She is truly one of a kind when it comes to breeders. You are getting someone who puts their heart in soul each and every day into her Bostons. She truly loves each and every puppy she has, and that means so much to us. I would gladly recommend any and everyone who is looking for puppy to Judy. Thank you so much Judy. We will be sending you photos and we would love to come back to visit sometime in the future to see all of your little ones! Quotes
Joe and Tonya Hemphill
Proud New Owners of Lucy and Loretta

Quotes We purchased our Boston, Molly, from Judy on 12/24/2011. We picked Molly up at Judy's house and got a chance to see her kennels -- she really takes care of these pups and everything was _very_ clean. All of her Bostons were gorgeous and they were all very sociable and ready to play. They were definitely not afraid of strangers, which says a lot about the environment in which they're raised. Molly has had a great first week in her new home. She's a very sociable little puppy and warmed to us immediately, so we could tell that Judy had done a good job getting her ready for her new home. Molly's first vet visit went really well and she had no health issues. If you're looking for a Boston puppy, we highly recommend Judy's Bostons. If you'd like to see photos of Molly, visit her Flickr page and watch as she grows: Ginny & Brian Parks Quotes
Ginny & Brian Parks
Molly Parks

Quotes It is 11:07pm and the first night we have our Maestro with us. I thought I would be tired by now, but I am too calm to sleep. Calm may seem inappropriate to use to describe why I can't sleep, but I will explain. We were not looking for a dog to have as a pet, we were looking for a member of our family and a friend for our son. We found Mrs. Judy while searching for Boston puppies. I truly know that God had his hand our finding her. Every email, question, phone call or any situation was quickly responded to by Mrs. Judy. There is no question too small or big that she won't answer. She emailed me a beautiful slideshow and sent several pictures as he grew. Keep in mind that this is a lady with more than just YOUR puppy. She had more puppies, plus her adult Bostons and let us not forget her non-puppy (human) family=) Just the fact that she takes time to be so personal with each puppy is awesome! So calm...yes, because we have been blessed with Maestro...and knowing Mrs. Judy=) Quotes
A Blessing Named Maestro

Quotes im proud to say that i was able to purchase a little puppy named duncan from judy she was so helpfull in the whole process sent me pictures of little dunks answered every question i had.duncan being my first puppy i had alot of questions judy answered all of them without hessitation he is such a good looking puppy even after i received dunks i have called judy with many questions and again she has answered them all so i know judy will always be there for duncan and me she has been so helpfull im happy i went through judy for my first puppy and if i ever want another one i know where im coming and i would recomend anyone else who is looking make this your last stop thanks alot judy from justin and duncan Quotes

Quotes I purchased my new "baby", Baxter, formerly Manny, from Judy almost a month ago. He is such a joy to be around, so loving and sweet. He loves his big sister, Anna Belle and they are becoming best friends. After meeting Judy in person I could tell she loves and takes care of her dogs so much and that's the kind of person I wanted a puppy from. So, thank you again, Judy. I love my little man and it was such a pleasure doing business with you. Pat Burke, Baxter Brody Burke's new mommie. Quotes
Baxter's new mommie

Quotes We were counting down the weeks until we were able to pick up our new baby boy Zeke (AKA Micki) for what seemed like it took forever! On Monday 8/13/12 the day we have been waiting for finally arrived! We took the 2 hour drive over to Judy's home and were so excited to finally meet our baby boy! He is so adorable! Judy was fantastic! Always willing to send updated pictures of him to us, and was very quick responding to my emails and the tons of questions I had! She's a great breeder and I know she devotes most of her time caring for these pups! Very devoted breeder! Thanks again Judy! It was a pleasure meeting you! Quotes
Very Satisfied Mommy

Quotes After what seemed like an infinite wait, on Wednesday I finally met my baby (Dexter) face to face! It was an absolute pleasure! I have never met such a sweet, cuddly, and loving baby boy in my life! I am so pleased with him, he is the most adorable little boy, and he?s more than I could have ever asked for!!!! Thank you Judy for being the BEST breeder ever! Judy answered all my (incessant) ;) questions and was always friendly and knowledgeable. I am very happy I found her I wouldn?t do it differently if I had the choice. Judy made me feel like a part of the ?Thomas Boston? family, I didn?t have to worry that she wasn?t going to deliver on her promises; she was up front and honest with everything! What more can you ask for in a breeder?? I?ve been blessed with the best Boston baby ever and it is all thanks to her skills and abilities as a breeder. You cannot go wrong working with Judy Thomas. THANK YOU SO MUCH JUDY!! =) Quotes
Dexter's Happy Mommy

Quotes We are adopting puppies from Judy and just cannot wait to get our hands on these babies. She is such a delight to work with! She is a very sweet and caring person and we feel that we have found a new, dear friend. Not just in our Boston babies but in Judy as well! Thank you so much for all you're doing for us. Quotes
Patiently Waiting :-)

Quotes Hey Judy I wanted to thank you again so much for everything. I just purchased a male boston terrier from Judy and he is everything i hoped he would be, My family and I are so happy and please with our little baby. Thank you so much :) Quotes
Happy family