Thomas Boston Terriers

Thomas Boston Terriers , 
 Judy Thomas Owner/Breeder 
Phone # (601)783-2282 or 601-810-8371 Off I-55 in Magnolia 
Mississippi .


Quotes I have two of Bostons of Judy's. Dooley and Denny are brothers from the same litter. I got Dooley first and then we decided he needed a play mate. Judy sent me tons of pictures of her available puppies. When we decided on Denny there was an issue with money and the post office. Thankfully since we had already bought Dooley she worked with us. Lets just say the mail from Alaska takes a little longer. Dooley and Denny turned 1 on May 4 and we are still enjoying them very much. I still keep in contact with Judy sending her updates and pictures. I don't feel like I was only blessed with two great puppies but a new friend as well. Valorie Quotes
Proud Momma of two Bostons

Quotes I have purchased 3 Thomas Boston's, 2 of the Reds one which is male, one which is female, and 1 black which is a female. I purchased all 3 from Judy Thomas and I must tell you all that not only are my dogs wonderful babies but the experience of buying from somone who not only knows what she is doing, but extreamly cares about all of her dogs. From the moment I first spoke with Judy Thomas I knew I was going to recieve a quality puppy and had no fears of the unknown. She is a EXCELLENT breeder and has more then answered any questions I have had. I have to say if your going to buy a Boston you cant go wrong in a Thomas Boston.. I know because I sure love mine. Thank you Judy for the time and patience and care you take with all your bostons... It sure has been my pleasure to own a Boston thanks to you. You do a GREAT JOB! Quotes
My Thomas Boston's
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